Photo Project 2

Project Description

Project ID: DE-P-8

The photo shoot will cover various locations across China, including bustling cities, serene countryside, and historical sites, offering a diverse range of subject matter. From the iconic skyline of Shanghai to the majestic Great Wall, the serene mountains of Guilin to the colorful alleys of Beijing's hutongs, each location will provide an opportunity to capture the essence of China.

The project will be led by a team of experienced photographers who have a deep understanding of Chinese culture and history, ensuring that each photograph tells a story and captures the true essence of the location. Through the use of creative angles, lighting, and composition, the photographs will bring to life the beauty and spirit of China, providing viewers with a visual journey through this fascinating and complex country.

The final collection of photographs will be curated into a stunning visual presentation, showcasing the best of China's natural, cultural, and historical treasures. This project is an opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of China through a unique visual medium, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

Shooting Dates by Cities

Services Required


  • Art Direction
  • Casting
  • Conceptualization
  • Creative Direction
  • Customs Clearance
  • Line Production
  • Permit Application
  • Research
  • Storyboarding


  • Aerial Videography
  • Catering Service
  • Craft Service
  • Crew Hire
  • Equipment Rental


Vacant Roles

Portfolio (Film/Video)

Video portfolio-photo project 2

Behind The Scence (Making-of Video)

BTS Photo Project 2

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