Top 5 Most Reliable Video Production Companies in China

China is one of the leading countries in the global video production industry. There are a lot of video production companies in China offering world-class production services. No matter what type of video you’re willing to produce, these companies can help you from all aspects. So, are you looking for the best video production company in China?

Chinese video production industry has a lot of reliable and reputed video production companies. These companies have expert and experienced workforce to ensure world-class production services. As a result of this, the Chinese video production industry is gaining development day by day. Nowadays, many international companies are keen to work with Video production companies in China.

This article is going to explore some of the reliable video production companies in China. These industry leaders have been selected based on several criteria, including their work quality, innovative approach, and grasp of traditional and contemporary cinematic techniques. So, let's get started:

Video production company in China

Video production companies in China are an essential aspect of the country's thriving entertainment and media sector. These companies provide essential services to various clientele, including television channels, advertising corporations, film production houses, enterprises, and independent producers.

Chinese video production companies can work with both regional as well as international companies. They are always striving to create aesthetically attractive and high-quality video content while capturing the complexity of other cultures. Their corpus of work includes anything from feature-length films and documentaries to corporate videos.

Chinese video production companies develop content for various online platforms, recognising the value of engaging content in digital marketing. They provide first-rate services due to their exceptional post-production capabilities. Because of their familiarity with this technology, they can create inventive, remarkable, and appealing videos.

Video Production Companies in China

Top 5 Reliable Video Production Companies in China

Let’s explore China's top 5 best video production companies that provide top-class video production services with excellent customer satisfaction.

Naturality Digital

If you are willing to boost the ultimate strategy of marketing with video content and looking for a reliable video-producing company Naturality Digital is here to help you. Naturality Digital is a leading company in the Video production industry in China and offers top-class services.

This company has an experienced and expert team to ensure you get the best services ever. Naturality Digital is committed to producing aesthetically stunning material that helps you achieve your business and marketing objectives. This company provides a variety of video production service packages to help you achieve your goals.

Naturality Digital is available from concept development to post-production as a top video production company. This organization has excellent expertise in full-service video production, from content creation and scriptwriting to directing and filming. The most excellent audio-visual tools and after-production software are used to produce engaging videos of the highest caliber.

  •       Website: Naturality Digital
  •       Size: 10-50 Employees
  •       Type: Marketing Agency
  •       Headquarters: Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
  •       Founded: 2020
  •       Industry: Digital Marketing

Outlandish China

Outlandish China is a Shanghai-based full-service marketing agency offering premium-quality video production services. This company will help you with every step of the process, from conceptual planning to final implementation. This company's multicultural employee has years of professional expertise developing outstanding video content for many businesses and organizations.

With a team of experience and a deep reservoir of creativity, this company offers top-tier production services.  The company assists Chinese brands and organizations in reaching out to overseas consumers through various media channels. They also assist foreign companies in succeeding in the Chinese marketplace. The company ensures that every project undertaken is infused with the client's unique perspective by fostering a strong partnership.

Outlandish China is able to offer cutting-edge video content that captivates consumers and elevates brand messages. One of the standout features of this company is that it offers different types of services in addition to Video production. Ultimately, it is one of China's best video production companies that can meet all your video production needs.

  •       Website: Outlandish China
  •       Size: 5-10 Employees
  •       Type: Marketing Agency
  •       Headquarters: Putuo District, Shanghai, China
  •       Founded: 2018
  •       Industry: Video Production

World Production Service

World Production Service is another reliable video production company in China. In fact, it is an international company that has been providing top-class video production services in more than 80 countries. Their in-depth knowledge enables brands, media agencies, TV channels, and production houses to execute their projects successfully.

World Production Service helps customers execute their production projects effortlessly across many sites worldwide as dependable partners. Their broad network and local expertise enable them to successfully negotiate the challenges of global manufacturing, resulting in efficient operations and positive results.

World Production Service's commitment to excellence and professionalism has earned them a solid reputation in the industry. This company understands the diverse requirements of various sectors with its extensive experience in this field. They adapt their services to meet the specific demands of each client, offering tailored solutions that align with their creative vision and budgetary considerations.

  •       Website: World Production Service
  •       Size: 20-35 Employees
  •       Type: Production Service Agency
  •       Headquarters: Shanghai, China
  •       Founded: N/A [please enter the founded date of your company]
  •       Industry: Video Production


CIB Productions

CIB Productions is a Beijing-based reliable, and well-known video production company. In addition to video production services, this company also provides TV production services. This company adheres to international standards to produce different types of videos, which makes them one of the most reliable companies in the industry.

CIB Productions has been offering comprehensive Chinese production services as well as creating captivating content. This company collaborates closely with clients to understand their objectives and work diligently to fulfil their requirements. Their team of experienced video producers contributes to producing exceptional videos. 

Moreover, this company offers the best production services at a relatively affordable price. This company promises to deliver outstanding results that resonate with your target audience, leaving a lasting impact. You can be confident that your vision will be comprehended and transformed into a compelling visual experience by choosing this company.

  •       Website: CIB Productions
  •       Size: 10-20 Employees
  •       Type: Production Company
  •       Headquarters: 63 Xinyuan Street, Beijing, China
  •       Founded: 2007
  •       Industry: Full-fledged Production Services


EM Productions

EM Productions is an award-winning video production company in China. This company offers different professional production services to customers. In addition to China, this company also offers top-class services in other countries. EM Productions has a decade of production experience, making it one of the most reputed companies in the industry.

EM Productions is renowned for its customized video production services based on clients' requirements. Their video projects are tailored to each customer in order to be successful, distinctive, and impactful. This company has created, filmed, and/or directed several high-quality videos for a variety of businesses and individuals.

The experienced production team of EM Productions knows what the client needs and how to satisfy them. They provide exceptional production services to our esteemed clients, ensuring that their vision and message are conveyed effectively. If you are searching for a budget-friendly video production service, EM Productions will be your one-stop destination.

  •       Website: EM Productions
  •       Size: 10-50 Employees
  •       Type: Production Company
  •       Headquarters: Shanghai, China
  •       Founded: 2006
  •       Industry: Video and Photography Production


Shoot In China

Shoot In China is the best production company for those looking for highly professional and world-class production services. This Shanghai-based production company was established in 2012. This company has a highly experienced team, and they have been providing their top-class services for over a decade. Shoot In China provides top-class services for video production with a great reputation and customer satisfaction.

Shoot In China offers its leading video production services to both local and global clients. This company offers a good balance between production costs and outcomes. This company completed more than 1600 projects in the previous ten years, making them one of the most experienced companies in this industry.

In fact, Shoot In China engages with companies on a personal level to assist them in building long-lasting connections. This company employs the latest technology with their advanced equipment to get the best outcome. By choosing Shoot In China as your video production partner, you can ensure your project is in safe hands.


  •       Website: Shoot In China
  •       Size: 5-10 Employees
  •       Type: Production Company
  •       Headquarters: Jing An District, Shanghai, China
  •       Founded: 2006
  •       Industry: Video Production

Video Production Companies in China

The FAQs

What languages do Chinese video production companies typically work in?

Chinese video production companies typically work in both Chines and English languages. These companies work with the Chinese language for local clients and English for International clients.

How does the cost of video production in China compare with other countries?

The cost of video production in China varies according to the state and the video production firm. However, as compared to other nations, the average cost of video production in China is comparatively lower.

What is the average timeline for a video production project in China?

The usual timetable for a video production project in China might vary based on the project's size and complexity. However, the pre-production, production, and post-production steps normally take a few weeks to a couple of months to complete.

Can international businesses collaborate with Chinese video production companies?

Yes, foreign businesses may collaborate with Chinese video production companies. Chinese video production businesses may work with both domestic and international clients. 

How do censorship laws affect video production in China?

Censorship restrictions in China have a considerable influence on video production. These include legal constraints, which necessitate self-censorship and adherence to predefined regulations. This can have an impact on the story, themes, and overall creative process.